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Bus air spring
Air springs are used in passenger cars all over the world, for which we design and manufacture the best products to maximize the lives of passengers and provide them with comfortable travel
-Because of its low frequency, driving comfort is high.
-Independent of the number of passengers, the frequency of its own is stable
-By adjusting the roll function of the device, reduce the body to get on and off
Commercial air spring
In order to improve the comfort of commercial vehicle drivers and facilitate the transport of goods, this kind of air spring plays a key role.
-Protect damaged goods, vehicles and accessories by low self frequency.
-Improve and reduce the convenient loading and unloading of vehicle body by means of the additional function of regulating device
-Protect the road surface and prolong the road life through the impact of low self-frequency on the road
bellow type air spring
The capsule air spring damper plays the role of the elastic original in the whole car suspension system. It is used to compress air as the medium. Under the action of the high regulation valve, the air pressure of the air regulating valve is moved through the upper and lower piston of the lower piston to get a more stable shock absorption effect.
Cab air spring
The air springs in the cab can easily provide a reasonable shock absorber for the cab and the driver to make the driving easier. As the air spring adjusts the spring force through the compressed air, it can be well adapted to all sizes of the cabs.